Generation III Auto dipping machine
2100 OR #J2100T
To install the machine
Please refer to VCD !
Machine weights: 45 Kgs
Solder capacity: 110 Kgs
Using work-table minimum size : 630 mm at least (Length, Width, Height each side)
Have to carry about 155 Kgs at least
First of all, to prepare : At least 110 Kgs. of tin-bar; molded case circuit - breaker (30 A.); Plus screw driver; Minus screw driver; several pieces of gaskets (Defective P.C.B.) and the spirit level to adjusting the level of the machine.
Step one:
At beginning connecting the power (200 V - 240 V.) with the molded case circuit breaker; Meantime, switching the ON/OFF switch on "OFF" position then connecting the power with connect station mark 1 and 2 on the back of the machine. Then connecting the pedal switch wires with the mark 5 and 6 according to wire's color.
Step two:
Before melt the tin-bar, it should place the gasket under the 4 angles of the machine one by one. To putting the spirit level on the front-up side of the pot to adjust right and left side level by minus screw driver. To putting the spirit level on the right up side of the pot to adjust front and back side level by minus screw driver. Using plus screwdriver take out the 2 screws from right side's up-down arm, take out the 2 screws from left side's up-down arm. Then holding the both arms to take out the needle platform by hands, carefully.
Step three:
Putting 10 pieces of tin-bar around the heater then switching the Auto. Dip. switch to "ON" position. Dipping time switch preset to "8" position (#J-2100T Lead-Free that the Dipping time switch have to press to “4” position).
Raise angle preset to "40";Temperature preset to "250" degrees-centigrade
(#J-2100TLead-Free That the Temperature have to preset to 260 degrees-Centigrade).
Molded case circuit breaker switching to "ON" position; One week timer adjust to "ON"-the red light flashing. 
Finally, switching power switch to "ON"-the button flashing red light. The heater getting hotter and hotter
Step four:
Holding the tin-bar to touch the heater one by one and forth and back. If heater turning to color red or curving, it can switching the power switch to "OFF" to avoid the heater happen damaged. After the melting tin cover all heaters then putting the rest of tin-bar into the pot; About 40 minutes later when temperature will show about 250 degrees Centigrade. Putting back the needle platform and screwing back the 4 pieces screws. Keep putting tin-bar into the pot from left or right side until the melting tin reach the level-line.
Step five:
When "Heater" green light flashing; Pressing the "Oxidizing cleaning switch" to clean up the surface of the pot and the needle platform will raise up automatically.
The maintenance method:
Sweeping and clean up the oxidizing every day-First of all, pressing the "Oxidizing cleaning switch" to sweep the surface forward about 10 Cm. then pressing the switch again to stop the sweeping action. Then, using metal clip to take out the oxidizing ; Finally, pressing the switch again to finish the operation complete automatically. Using steel sheet to clean up the oxidizing hide behind the right and left up-down arms once a week to avoid the arms stuck cause of the oxidizing. Each month : Using metal clip to clean up the flux ash attaching on needle from top to bottom, smoothly.

Caution : 
During the operation if happen any wrong step !

Just press the “Reset” switch to return to preview step, automatically. 

When operate the machine smoothly ,it may connecting the other pedal switch with“Connect Station” (Back of the machine) marked 4 and 5 to instead of "Oxidizing
Cleaning Switch" !

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