Please refer to the art works     Special tool video
No. A. and No. B - Any materials available (It should be heavy and weighty)
No. A. must be more than 23 mm. in width to support No. B.
No. B. height must equal to height of No. C. deducting P.C.B.'s thickness, exactly.
No. C. Size is 20 mm. x 20 mm. ( square shape of Paper Phenol Board )
No. D. The glass epoxy board (Without copper) - Size is 1.5 mm. (Thickness) and width have to bigger than 22 mm.
Please feel free to contact us for any further information; If any problems to make special tools .
  1. The length of dipping P.C.B. plus 40 mm. equals the length of the No. C.(Width and thickness as same)
  2. 1.5 mm. thickness glass epoxy board is to support the weights of dipping P.C.B.
  3. No. A. add No. B. used for pressing down the flapping up of both side of the P.C.B.due to heat expansion. - To avoid the melting tin flowing on the P.C.B.
  4. To find the P.C.B. overweight : Putting the P.C.B. on needle platform then switching the dipping speed to the slowest to dip :
    A. When the right side of P.C.B. lower than tin level , It means the P.C.B. is overweight.
    B. When P.C.B. dipping to horizontal on the tin but it is not kept horizontal , it means the P.C.B.'s gravity is not balanced.The special tool not only solves the overweight but also solves gravity unbalance problems.
  5. The melting solder will control the deepness of P.C.B. when dipping P.C.B., it is the principle of liquid- floating , the special tools may solve the floating unbalance problem.
    Special dipping introducing :
    1. Rectangle shape of P.C.B. when dipping, because heat expansion will cause the P.C.B. right and left side to go up , the result is the border of P.C.B. (About 1 cm. of right and left side) will not dip completely. To solve the problem - Let the P.C.B. preheating on the needle platform for a while before dipping. Or after dipping when needle- platform leave the P.C.B. use yours hands to press the P.C.B.on the right side and then on the left side, both for about 2 seconds to complete the dipping.
    2. After putting the P.C.B. on the needle-platform it can readjust the position of components to dip.
    3. The dipped points are prefect after dipping, no indented point will be seen, because the points of the needles are smaller than 0.1 mm.
    4. When putting the P.C.B. on the needle- platform, both components and needles will shake. Therefore, the needles will not push up the components.
    5. If P.C.B. with too much flux then the components on P.C.B. might be moved cause of heat expansion. To avoid the heat expansion just change fluxing by spray or preheat the P.C.B. for a while on needle-platform before dip.
    6. Special size of soldering bath require : The length of bath 50 cm. unchangeable , but, width of bath could be changed. ( The extra cost depend on the size). The standard size of bath is -50 cm. (length) x 34 cm. (width).
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