Special problems and doubts
Also, by collecting suggestions and problems from our customers during the past 10 years, we have finally perfected a good machine. When our users advice us of their problems, they can now receive the exact parts for replacement within about 3 days, thus enabling them to easy repairs their machines.

For long term operation to prove that the micro-computer can protect 3 motors installed which run smoothly.

Because of power -- supply only offering 20 seconds of power maximum to protect the motors. The heater installed in steel soldering bath that the heating is widely spread in melting solder to avoid the heater damaged by overheat

  1. The dipped points are prefect after dipping, no indented point will be seen, because the points of the needles are smaller than 0.1 mm.
  2. When putting the P.C.B. on the needle- platform, both components and needles will shake. Therefore, the needles will not push up the components.
  3. The melting solder will control the deepness of P.C.B. when dipping P.C.B., it is the principle of liquid-floating, the special tools may solve the floating unbalance problem.
  4. Rectangle shape of P.C.B. when dipping, because heat expansion will cause the P.C.B. right and left side to go up, the result is the border of P.C.B. (About 1 cm. of right and left side) will not dip completely. To solve the problem -- Let the P.C.B. preheating on the needle platform for a while before dipping. Or after dipping when needle - platform leave the P.C.B. use yours hands to press the P.C.B.on the right side and then on the left side, both for about 2 seconds to complete the dipping.
  5. After putting the P.C.B. on the needle-platform it can readjust the position of components to dip.
  6. If P.C.B. with too much flux then the components on P.C.B. might be moved cause of heat expansion. To avoid the heat expansion just change fluxing by spray or preheat the P.C.B. for a while on needle-platform before dip.
  7. Special size of soldering bath require : The length of bath 50 cm. unchangeable, but, width of bath could be changed. (The extra cost depend on the size). The standard size of bath is 50 cm. (length) x 34 cm. (width).
P C B Dipping machine, Lead free Dipping pot, Pb-free Dipping System, Lead free Dipping System, Made In Taiwan
 Soldering machine, Lead free Soldering pot, Pb-free Soldering System, Lead free Soldering System,
Made In Taiwan
The dipping machine improvement after long operation with good quality is therefore enjoyed by the users from all over the world.

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